Court & Town Attorney Contact Info

Jennifer Phillips

Court Clerk

phone icon (518) 843-6468
fax icon (518) 843-1949

map icon214 Fort Hunter Rd.
Amsterdam, NY 12010

Monday - Friday 7am - 2:30pm

Payment may be made using the following:

certified bank check or money order,


by mailing or faxing credit card information;


or in person with cash


Fitzgerald Morris Baker Firth

Attorney for the Town

phone icon
fax icon

map icon 214 Fort Hunter Rd.
Amsterdam, NY 12010


Court Dates

DA Night
1st Monday of each Month

Court Nights
Tuesday at 6:30pm
Thursday at 6:00pm

Mailing Address:
214 Fort Hunter Road
Amsterdam, NY 12010


I Received a Traffic Ticket, what do I do?

- You must complete the right side of the ticket pleading guilty or not guilty and return it to this court by the date noted on the lower left side.

  • If you plead guilty you will receive a fine notice in the mail.
  • If you plead not guilty we will assign a new court date to meet with the Assistant District Attorney or information on how to contact her in writing.
  • If you receive a plea offer you must "accept" or "reject" it, sign it and return it to this court.

- Once you have accepted and returned the form, you will receive a fine notice by mail.

- If you “reject” the plea – you will be scheduled for trial. This requires an appearance by you or a legal representative on your behalf.

Please be patient as this process can take some time.  However, it is your responsibility to see that your ticket is resolved.


Town Justices

Stephen Brown - 518-843-6468
David Nicosia  -  518-843-6468